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Founded in 2021, Silverpen Careers is a modern, professional and global career consultancy. We combine a client-focused approach with highly personalised and ethical advice to help clients identify and achieve their career goals. 

Our team of specialists provide services across a wide range of sectors. We offer workshops to schools, colleges, universities and corporate institutions as well as sessions to private clients. 

Silverpen was created with a vision to help young individuals identify their strengths, passions and ambitions and to equip them with the tools to access the opportunities available.

Our team of specialists at Silverpen provide tailored support to individuals through their most formative journey – from school, through university to starting the perfect career. 


about the founder

Nicola Solomou

Nicola graduated from King’s College London with an LLB in Law and she obtained an MSc in Comparative Criminal Justice from Leiden University.

Nicola’s career as a UK qualified lawyer at an international law firm in London and Dubai has developed her industry specific knowledge, professional skill set and global network. Her knowledge spans across multiple industries, corporations and universities. Combined with her role as a visiting lecturer at a University in London, her higher education in London, in the Netherlands and Sweden has developed her knowledge of the university processes involved as well as her pedagogical approach. 

Through Nicola’s professional and academic trajectory combined with her book of contacts, she is in a unique position to understand the knowledge, skills and experience required to help individuals enter competitive industries and educational institutions across the globe.

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