Law Application Support

Opening the door to the legal world. 

A competitive advantage

Entering the UK legal sector is highly competitive.

Through our global network of lawyers in US, Magic Circle and Silver Circle UK firms combined with our industry-specific knowledge, we provide you with a competitive edge to secure legal training contracts, vacation schemes or newly qualified solicitor roles.

What to expect

A discussion about your academic qualifications, work experience, skills and achievements helps us explore your strengths and maximise your full potential. We create a step-by-step action plan, we set and monitor practical goals and create a successful strategy to enter the legal sector.
We provide tailored support for vacation scheme and training contract applications. We help you present your qualifications, experience and skills in a focused application through in-depth feedback.

Once your application is successful, we prepare you for your interview and assessment centre through highly personalised coaching sessions. Our sessions are tailored to you and the firm you are applying to. 

Expert one-to-one practice interview with a UK qualified lawyer and detailed performance feedback.

  • Step-by-step guidance on interview methods, model answers and responses to questions like “Why do you want to become a commercial solicitor?” and “Why do you want to work for our law firm?”
  • Training and development of commercial awareness
  • Evaluation of presentation skills and vital techniques for communicating with confidence
We support you throughout your vacation scheme by providing guidance on how to impress, phone support for queries and a mock interview to prepare you for the partner interview at the end of the scheme.

Coupled with our expert advice, we offer a scheme to match you with young professionals who work in your firms and/or areas of interest. This scheme is a unique opportunity for you to gain knowledge and insight from specialists into your selected profession. This is also an opportunity to grow your professional network.

We provide tailored training for aptitude tests required by law firms during the application process including psychometric and verbal reasoning tests (such as the Watson Glaser test).

We provide workshops to schools, colleges and universities on entry into the legal sector tailored to each education level.

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