University Admission Support

Guiding you on your path to University.


Choosing the perfect university and university course is one of the most exciting yet challenging decisions for you to make.

We support you through every step of the way by providing expert advice and we deal with the administration process to give you peace of mind.

Our advice is targeted at anyone applying for foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in the UK, Europe and US for all academic subjects.

What to expect

A discussion about your interests, learning style, character traits, academic grades, achievements and personal goals. Our student-centred approach helps us explore your strengths and maximise your full potential for a future career.
Based on a full assessment, we select and present a range of university courses and universities that are suited to you. We provide a detailed review and we help you shortlist available options. We consider university rankings, course entry requirements, course content and more. Selecting the right university course and university is essential to ensuring your future success and we help you get it right.
Coupled with our expert advice, our networking scheme matches you with former students who have studied at the university or on the same university course in the region that you are applying to. The scheme is a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and insight from individuals who have taken a similar path to you.
Once you have chosen your favourite universities and course, we guide you through each step of the application process. We support you with the preparation of a strong personal statement or motivation letter to demonstrate your academic ability, skills and passion for the course. We advise on all other information necessary to complete an online application, including obtaining academic references. We also arrange any necessary translation and certification of documents. We can review and submit the final application on your behalf.
We provide interview guidance for the admissions process through tailored mock interviews and we provide you with thorough feedback.
We advise you on the university offer acceptance process to ensure you hold a first choice and a back-up choice. We can liaise with university admissions teams.
We support you with the university registration process and assist with late entry registration.
Following successful entry into university, we help you secure suitable on-campus or private accommodation close to the university.
Understanding the costs involved for studying at university can be tricky, particularly for EU students who choose to study in the UK. We provide a full breakdown of tuition fees and living expenses in your chosen location. We support you with the application process for scholarships, grants and bursaries and prepare the supporting documentation.
We provide a personalised pre-departure briefing to ensure you are ready to travel, study and reside in your chosen destination.
We stay in touch with you for any queries, advice and support you need whilst abroad.
We provide workshops to schools and colleges on university admission processes and university course selection tailored to the education level.

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